Tough Guy 2016

Extract for Express & Star who used some of my images

The annual Tough Guy challenge, set in South Perton Farm, pits some of the most fearless, committed and perhaps crazy individuals in the world against each other in the ultimate endurance challenge.

This years event, the 30th in its history, once again saw thousands of eager participants from across the globe push themselves to the limit through an eight mile course complete with barbed wire, flames and 40 foot vertical climbs for good measure.

The survival challenge's mix of long distance running, climbing and crawling in the harshest of conditions has seen it turn into one of the most successful annual events in Wolverhampton.
Luckily for the near 1,000 participants trying it out for themselves at the weekend, the rain wasn't too severe this year.

Organiser Billy Wilson said: "God has given us a break, the conditions were perfect I think.

"There have been no serious accidents thankfully and everyone has had a great time, both participants and spectators.

"People from all over the world have learned about Tough Guy over the years and they are still coming year after year.

"Looking back at when we started, it is amazing to think how far we have come.

"Personally, it is unbelievable to me that people from all over the world would not only come to a little field in Wolverhampton, but that they would know me, just a little guy from Wolverhampton."