Jerry Ghionis Workshop London 2012

So excited to be attending Jerry's workshop in London this summer. Its a 5 days workshop and hope to pick up many tips from one of the the worlds top wedding photographers.

Ive always relished Jerrys style of imagery, his compositions, the emotion and the rapport he creates with the couple look so natural to him.If you squint you may even be able to see his influence in some of my images - well perhaps!!

I first saw Jerry in a behind the scenes video shooting in a LA fashion store and was blown away, he uses minimal equipment but his use of lighting is amazing - some of this shoot can be seen at the beginning of the video below. If I can pick up a small percentage of his skills it will be worthwhile.

Heres the master at work.

Мастера свадебной фотографии. Jerry Ghionis in action 2. from on Vimeo.