Jerry Ghionis Workshop August 2012

Its no secret that I have admired the photography skills of Jerry Ghionis for many many years -

Ice Society Promotional Video by Jerry Ghionis from The Ice Society by Jerry Ghionis on Vimeo.

Well between the 20th and 24th August I undertook at great expense, over £2500 to attend a Jerry Ghionis workshop in London. 19 other photographers from all over the world attended and I travelled down and shared a room with fellow photographer Neil Bowler

this image was setup by Jerry

I initially thought when I looked at the itinerary that the photography techniques would be of the most interest for me, after all Ive been doing this for many years right? Well completely wrong there. Ive been taken back to basics in a good way with Jerrys formula and posing techniques (book a course to find out) We learnt how to acheive amazing images straight out of camera with no photoshop just by using light correctly. we learnt how to make people look their best by posing them in a way that enhances them and we learnt how to evoke a reaction.

Its a full on 5 day course that starts early and often finishes past midnight. Did I mist over like every other course I have attended, no way!! Jerry knows how to captivate and energise his pupils in a way I have never experienced before. He explains and demonstrates whilst also getting into your soul, questioning your own abilities, strengths and desires. This is so much more than a photography course. Jerry uses the term ephiphony - how true.

Jerry has a brilliant way of building emotion in his work something I feel I have struggled with in the past. He also does this in his teaching. I wasnt the only one with a tear in my eye after watching this

This was also set up by Jerry and taken in the Hotel lobby

The whole experience was made even more special by the relationship between Jerry & Melissa. Their love for each other is so evident and there is no doubt that the passion and desire for creativity is passed into their business and amazing photography.

Will this course improve my photographic skills - YES
Was the course value for money - YES
Will this course improve my business - YES
Will this course make me a better person - debateable but hope so!!

This was set up by Jerry and taken near Covent Garden